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Test 6 - Situational dialogues / short conversations

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Test†6 - Situational dialogues / short conversations
Read the questions and chose the best answer.
1. What's wrong with Clive?

a. He got over his problem.
b. He's fed up with school.
c. He's better.

2. When are you leaving?

a. As soon as possible
b. All of a sudden.
c. From time to time.

3. How may I help you?

a. I'm at your service.
b. I have an eye for clothes.
c. I'd like to join an evening class.

4. Why isn't Bill here?

a. He couldn't make it.
b. He went out of his way.
c. Heís shaking in his shoes
5. Excuse me, is there a bank near here?
a. Yes, it is.
b. No, it isn't.
c. Yes, over there. On the left.

6. Have you ever been in a play?

a. Once in my lifetime.
b. It's something else.
c. In my free time

9. How much are the apples?

a. There are 5 kilos.
b. They are 3 pounds per kilo.
c. There are many.

10. Anything else?

a. Yes, Iíd love to go there, thanks.
b. Iím afraid I donít have any.
c. Yes, Iíd like some peanuts.

11. Excuse me, is there any coffee left?

a. I think itís free.
b. Drink it to the last drop.
c. No, sorry.

12. I want to go camping alone.

a. By the way, itís dangerous.
b. Donít be silly! Itís dangerous.
c. Good idea. Itís dangerous.

13. Youíre going on holiday soon, arenít you?

a. Yes, I do.
b. Thatís right.
c. Yes, the train is leaving.

14. Where do you work?

a. At the airport.
b. To the station.
c. Iím working on a project.

15. What are you doing these days?

a. I donít know. Maybe tomorrow.
b. Iím revising for the exam
c. Yes, Iím back from Europe.
16. Do you want some milk?

a. Not at all.
b. Never mind.
c. No, thank you. Iím fine.
17. I donít want to miss the bus.

a. Well, get a move on then.
b. Be my guest.
c. Letís take a bus.

18. Have a nice trip and beware of thieves!
a. Donít worry. I always look after my wallet.
b. Why? This area is busy.
c. I think itís faster by plane.
19. Where do you live?

a. Opposite the school.
b. Go along this road and turn left.
c. Itís on the right.

20. Iíve finished my painting.

a. I canít wait to see it!
b. Poor you!
c. But you are a winner.

21. Can I play computer games?
a. No, take your time.
b. Yes, she can.
c. No, donít waste your time.

22. Iíve bought a new car.

a. I disagree.
b. It doesnít make sense.
c. So what!

23. Iím so hungry!

a. Iím sick of junk food.
b. Iím overweight.
c. Iím starving too.

24. Letís go for a walk.

a. I canít believe it.
b. Whatís going on?
c. I canít. I have to keep an eye on my sister.

25. Hi, Jim. Whatís all this luggage?

a. Tomorrow. Iím going to Portugal by plane.
b. Iím going on a trip around Europe.
c. Nothing serious.

26. What are your plans for tomorrow?

a. If the weather is good, you may play tennis.
b. If the weather is good, weíll play tennis.
c. When the weatherís good, we enjoy playing tennis.

27. What could people do to produce less rubbish?

a. They neednít recycle some of their rubbish.
b. They shouldnít buy things they donít need.
c. They could reduce air pollution.

28. Answer the phone, will you?

a. All right.
b. Anyway, itís no problem.
c. OK, in a minute.

29. Iím sorry I didnít do the housework.

a. Never mind.
b. Hardly ever.
c. Get away with it.
30. Would you like to come to my birthday party.
a. Yes, it is great!
b. Yes, it was excellent!
c. Great, thanks!