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Test 7 - Situational dialogues / short conversations

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Test�7 - Situational dialogues / short conversations
Match the statements /questions �with the answers.
1. Who's calling please?
2. Can I have a ticket to Manchester, please?
3. Would you like to dance?�
4. Could you pass me the salt, please?
5. Can I speak to John, please?�
6. Have you got a dishwasher at home?�
A. Yes, quite a lot.
B. Single or return?
C. Yes, of course. Here you are.
D. It's Tom.
E. No, I haven�t.
F. Speaking.
G. I'd love to!
1. Did you enjoy the race?�
2. Is cricket popular in New Zealand?�
3. Can you ride a bike?�
4. When did you start learning English?�
5. Where were you born?
6. How old were you when you moved to London?�

A. Five years ago.
B. At 5 p.m.
C. Yes, I did.
D. In Bournemouth.
E. Yes, it is.
F. Yes, I�m pretty good at it.
G. Twenty.

1. Would you like to go out this evening?
2. When does the film start?
3. How often do you go to the cinema?
4. Is the shop open on Sundays?
5. How much are the tickets for children?
6. Do you like classical music?�

A. Oh, I see.
B. Yes, with pleasure.
C. No, I don�t.
D. At 8.30 p.m.
E. Two pounds.
F. No, it isn't.
G. Twice a year.

1. When did you move to the UK?�
2. What�s your new house like?
3. Who are your best friends?�
4. What does he look like?�
5. Where do you live?�
6. What does he like?�

A. Mat and Jill.
B. London.
C. Last year.
D. Big and cosy.
E. Good music and films.
F. He's short and a bit plump.
G. Every year.
1. What size do you need?
2. How much are the trainers?
3. What's wrong with it?
4. Can I have the receipt, please?
5. Do you accept credit cards?�
6. Shall I help you?�

A. That's very kind of you..
B. It doesn't work properly.
C. Yes. Here you are.
D. Medium.
E. Certainly. That will be 15 pounds.
F. They're 25 pounds.
G. Here's your change, please.

1. Do you mind if I close the window?

2. Do you like Indian food?

3. Would you like to order now?

4. Anything to follow?

5. How do you do?

6. I wanted our team to win.

7. What did you have for breakfast?

8. How was your journey?

9. Whose is that blue T-shirt?

10. Would you like to go to the party on Saturday

A. Yes, that would be great.

B. It belongs to John.

C. Yes, I love it.

D.Very tiring. I think I'll go to bed.

E. Nothing at all.

F. Two mixed salads, please.

G. No, go ahead.

H. So did I.

I. Yes, I'd like a roast chicken, please
J. I am not very well.