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John´s Daily Routine

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John's Daily Routine
His name is John Smith, he is a good student from England.
 His weekdays are very busy. Usually he gets up at eight o´clock and
he goes to the bathroom, he has a quick shower, gets dressed and
combs his hair. 
At a quarter past eight he has breakfast with his mother. After
breakfast he brushes his teeth and at twenty past eight he goes to
school by bus. He arrives at school at a quarter to nine o’clock and
his classes start at nine o’clock. 
He always has lunch in the school canteen at one o’clock P.M and his
classes start again at twenty-five past two.
He goes home at half past four. When he arrives home he has tea,
does his homework and watches TV . Before dinner he plays computer
games and sometimes he helps his mother.
He always has dinner at eight o’clock with his family and at half past
nine he goes to bed.
a) Choose the correct option.
 He gets up at ...
b) Fill in the blank.
He has lunch at home.
c) Choose the correct option.
He plays computer games.
after arriving home.
before lunch.
before dinner.
after dinner.
d) Find the adverbs of frequency.