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101 ELT GAMES! 15 pages of communicative activity ideas!
Level: elementary
Age: 6-100
Downloads: 3039

test 1
Level: intermediate
Age: 16-100
Downloads: 147

Level: elementary
Age: 8-100
Downloads: 45

MY SUPER BOOKMARKS PART 2! - FUNNY VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR BOOKMARKS FOR YOUNG LEARNERS ( to be, to have; months of the year, irregular plurals,personal and possessive pronouns, farm animals) EDITABLE WITH B&W VIRSION!!!
Level: elementary
Age: 6-12
Downloads: 2707

MY SUPER BOOKMARKS! (EDITABLE!!!) - FUNNY VOCABULARY BOOKMARKS FOR KIDS (numbers 1-100, alphabet, colours, body parts and days of the week) 2 pages B&W version included
Level: elementary
Age: 6-12
Downloads: 2655

a married woman
Level: advanced
Age: 18-17
Downloads: 57


Choose the right option.
��� 1.�� �order

2.�� �double room

3.�� �call

4.�� �check

5.�� �book

6.�� �ticket

7.�� �offer

8.�� �need

Rewrite in negative. Do not use contracted forms isn't, only full forms such as is not.
��� 1.�� He is ordering a coffee.

2.�� You are ordering two tickets.

3.�� We are checking an e-mail.

4.�� They are calling Tom.

5.�� She is speaking about a price.