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Business English - Company facts

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1.- Match the words and the definitions:
1.- Employees  To make goods in large quantities, using machinery
2.- Head Office  Working or living in a particular area
3.- Manufacture  A person who tries to be better than others
4.- Retail  The numbers of items sold
5.- Based in  People who are paid to work for somebody
6.- Competitor  A company controlled by another larger company
7.- Sales  The selling of goods to the public, usually through shops
8.- Subsidiary  The main office of a company


2.- Complete these sentences with the words in exercise 1:
a.- My company has more than 90,000  all over the world.
b.- Most of our  come from advertisements on websites
c.- If your  is in a particular city, your company is  that city
d.- Microsfot's main  is Apple
e.- If you work in a , it means that your company belongs to a larger company
f.- How do they  those granite columns?
g.-  is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end -user
3.- Choose the correct words to complete this text:
My company   specialized software for the music industry. Our  office is in Tanger, but we also  in Europe and Asia where we have two  There are 589  in the company.  We  our products to companies like Vision Records. Our technology is very modern, so we don't have many
4.- Find 6 of the words in exercise 1 in this wordsearch: