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Britney Learns "Gangnam Style"!

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The Ellen Show: Britney Learns Gangnam Style

is�� right� at� all� Korean� his�how �wants song

Insert the missing words. You can find them above. Where do they fit in?

Psy is a �pop star. His� �Gangnam Style� is very popular� now and �very special dance� also very famous� of a sudden.

Britney Spears is� The Ellen Show and she� to learn� to dance �Gangnam Style�.

This conversation is at 1:22. Find 1:22, listen and insert the missing words:

- It looks� than it is, but it�s� a two and a one� How� you do it? You� to take your �off! You are� going to be able to� like that!

- No, that�s� because the mindset of this dance is �Dress� and� cheesy�, so..

- Oh, !

- This is .

- By the way, can I� myself?

- Yes, please do!

- I�m Psy from Korea,� are you?

- Psy from Korea! We� you!

Where is Psy from?

How does Ellen know that Britney wants to learn this dance?

How should your hands be when you dance gangnam style?

How do you have to bounce?

Now, go out and dance some "Gangnam Style"! �When I say "now", I mean when the lesson's over...
: ) Karina