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Past simple, past continuous, present perfect

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Tenses revisions worksheet preview
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Past simple, past continuous or present perfect 

Shopkeeper: Good morning! Can I help you?

Customer:Yes, please. I  (buy) this portable CD player last week.
               It  (work) for two days, but it  (not/work) since Tuesday.

Shopkeeper: What's the matter exactly?

Customer: I think the volume control  (break).

Shopkeeper: How  it ? (happen)

Customer: Well, I  (jog) at the time. It suddenly  (make) a funny noise while                                    I  (listen) to my favorite CD. 
                 Since then it    (be) very quiet.

Shopkeeper: Let me have a look. Ah yes. A small metal piece   (come off). You need a new Cd player.                      I've got some on order, but they  (not arrive) yet.