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Scary Moster

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My nameís Lupo. I got two big yellow and one big I havetwo shortand two redI got onenose. Igot whiteI am short and fat.
His nameís Dido. Hehas got/have got green/ bluehair and yellow/red eyes. He have got/has got a black/red nose and big/small teeth. His arms/ears are green. He has got/ hasnít got a tail. He hasnít/havenít got ears. He has got two foots/ feet.† His body is purple/red.

I have got blue ,†and . I have got three†† I have got oneItís............................. I have got one short I haven't got .

1. It hasn't got 10 eyes.

2. This monster has got big mouth.

3. It hasn't got 1 nose.

4. It has got 2 legs.

5. Monster hasn't got 2 arms.

6. It hasn't got 10 teeth.

7. It has got small nose.

8. Monster has got 2 arms.

9. It hasn't got big mouth.

10. Monster hasn't got ears.