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Business English (Simple Present )

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Grammar: Simple present
Vocabulary: Company facts
1.- Complete the sentences with the verbs from the box below in the simple present tense. Make any necessary changes:
WORK����������START���������� OPERATE��������� � SPECIALIZE�������������BE������������ HAVE������������PROVIDE����������
A) My company �Internet services
B) They usually �work at 8:30
C) We �an office in Manchester and another one in Newark
D)�She �for an engineering company
E) Their head office �in Palmeira, Spain.
F) This company �in phone services
G) This group��on all six continents
H)�Our main�competitors �in England
I)� It �annual sales of �300 million
J)� I �in sales
2.- Choose the right answer:
A) What �they specialize in?
B) Where �subsidiaries?
C) What time does she �work?
D) Who �their father work for?
E) My teacher �his lesson at 8:10
F) What kind of products �your company �?
G) Who �your main competitor?
3.- All these sentences are wrong. Correct the mistakes:
A) Coca Cola� are based in Atlanta
B) The meeting starts always at 16:00
C) There�is 400 employs in our company
D) It don't produce software
E) Where is based that company?
F) It employ 100000 people all over the world
4.- Rewrite this dialogue in the right order:
1.- From Dublin. What do you do? 1.- �
2.- I'm a sales manager. I work for a company in Australia 2.- �
3.- I'm from Barcelona. What about you? 3.-�
4.- Excuse me, sir. Is this seat free? 4.-�
5.- Nice to meet you. Where are you from?� 5.-��
6.- Yes, it is. My name is Jordi 6.-�
5.- Tick the right answer:
A) Do you ............... insurance services?�����������������������������������������
�� provides�������provide
B) Our head office is in Portugal, but we ............ in many different countries���������
are based���� operate������� specialize in
C) We are a quite small company. We only have�15 ..................
D) What other ............ does the company make?
�products������ produces
E) .......... any of the employees of your company work at weekends?
F) What do you .......... ? I'm an engineer
�work����������� job�������������� do