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Business English (Simple Present )

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Grammar: Simple present
Vocabulary: Company facts
1.- Complete the sentences with the verbs from the box below in the simple present tense. Make any necessary changes:
WORK          START           OPERATE            SPECIALIZE             BE             HAVE            PROVIDE          
A) My company  Internet services
B) They usually  work at 8:30
C) We  an office in Manchester and another one in Newark
D) She  for an engineering company
E) Their head office  in Palmeira, Spain.
F) This company  in phone services
G) This group  on all six continents
H) Our main competitors  in England
I)  It  annual sales of €300 million
J)  I  in sales
2.- Choose the right answer:
A) What  they specialize in?
B) Where  subsidiaries?
C) What time does she  work?
D) Who  their father work for?
E) My teacher  his lesson at 8:10
F) What kind of products  your company  ?
G) Who  your main competitor?
3.- All these sentences are wrong. Correct the mistakes:
A) Coca Cola  are based in Atlanta
B) The meeting starts always at 16:00
C) There is 400 employs in our company
D) It don't produce software
E) Where is based that company?
F) It employ 100000 people all over the world
4.- Rewrite this dialogue in the right order:
1.- From Dublin. What do you do? 1.-  
2.- I'm a sales manager. I work for a company in Australia 2.-  
3.- I'm from Barcelona. What about you? 3.- 
4.- Excuse me, sir. Is this seat free? 4.- 
5.- Nice to meet you. Where are you from?  5.-  
6.- Yes, it is. My name is Jordi 6.- 
5.- Tick the right answer:
A) Do you ............... insurance services?                                         
   provides       provide
B) Our head office is in Portugal, but we ............ in many different countries         
  are based     operate        specialize in
C) We are a quite small company. We only have 15 ..................
  employers    employs       employees
D) What other ............ does the company make?
 products       produces
E) .......... any of the employees of your company work at weekends?
 Do               Does
F) What do you .......... ? I'm an engineer
 work            job               do