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1. rewrite the following sentences using the interrogative form.

a. "do you meet me at the airport?", Sammi asked me.
b. "where will you go today?", she asked me.
c. "where is the Juan�s birthday?", Jack asked me.
d. "when see Juan the red car?", Carl asked he.

2. rewrite the sentences using the reported speech.

a. "i was very tired for my job", mary said
b. "we have broken the window of the car", they admited.
c. "she cann�t go to the party", Nick said.
d. "i am doing the homework noe", she said.
e. "i am working now", Samuel said.

3. choose the correct form.

a. " i am living in paris with my mother", Juan said he.
Juan said that he �living in Paris with his mother.
b. "she was working all day yesterday", Katie said.
Katie said that she �working all day before.
c. "we will be studying here for a month", Charly said.
Charly said that they �studying there for a months.
d. "where are them stores of clothes more nearest?", Alberto asked me.
Alberto asked me where them stores of clothes more nearest .
e. "will you go with Mary at the farm?", Sandy asked me.
Sandy asked me if i �go whith Mary at the farm.

4. choose the correct picture for each sentence.

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a. he asked she if her was swimming that day.
b. she asked him when she would to run.
c. Sara asked Jim who sing there were
d. he asked her where they dancing were.
e. she asked me if were they lover.