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Halloween Night

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1. Choose the right word.

2. Listen to the song and complete the lyrics.
When the sky is dark and the Wuzzle Wolf sings
Out come the creepy-crawly things
When you see something scary, it's quite alright
'Cause tonight is the night
Trick or treat!
Ooo-oooo night
Ooo-oooo  night
The moon is full and all is right
Ooo-oooo, it's Halloween night
Pumpkins, witches and spooky bats
Candy, costumes and silly hats
Ghosts and goblins, ghouls with wings
Tricky, sticky, icky things
Some things are spooky and some are scary
But look over there it's a pretty pink fairy
Trick or treat!
Ooo-oooo night
Ooo-oooo  night
Dress up fancy and dress up funny
There's a vampire dancing with a purple bunny
Dress up wild and dress up weird
There's a butterfly with a wizard's beard
The candy is sweet and the candy is sour
But ya gotta get home before the midnight hour
Ooo-oooo, it's  night