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Compound Adjectives

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Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
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COMPOUND ADJECTIVES (a green-eyed baby / a long-haired boy)
Level: elementary
Age: 14-17
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Compound Adjectives
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Compound Adjectives(+Key)
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Compound Adjectives
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Age: 8-14
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A compound adjective is a single adjective made up of two or more words linked together by a hyphen.

The most common patterns for forming compound adjectives are 
Adjective + Noun + ed        and       Adverb + Past Participle   
Snakes are cold-blooded animals            She is wearing a brightly-coloured dress
Other combinations are possible:
  Noun + Noun   (part-time)
Number + Singular Noun   (five-page)
Noun + Past Participle     (tongue-tied)
Noun + Adjective         (world-famous)
1. Complete the sentences choosing the appropriate option from the word bank:
 deep-sea  / full-lenght / lead-free / mouth-watering / open-top / red-haired / sun-dried / time-saving / world-famous           

This chocolate cake is       

Bob wants to be a  diver.

Caroline is wearing a  dress.

Enzo wants to be a  football player.

Raisins are  grapes

He only uses  petrol in his  convertible.

A dryer is a  machine.

 The  girl is sad.
2. Complete the sentences and match the number to the right picture.
1. Martina Navratilova uses her left hand to play tennis.  She is a  player.
2. Mother Teresa of Calcutta devoted her life to help others.  She was a person.
3. Rodrigo Santoro is a handsome Brazilian actor.  He is a very  man.
4. The Ohio weather site gives a forecast.
5. Grandpa still has his  TV.
6. Cristiano Ronaldo is a  football player.


3. Compound adjectives are often used to describe character.  Write the proper adjective to complete the definition.
Absent-minded   Good-natured   Laid-back   Narrow-minded   Open-minded
Quick-tempered  Self-conscious   Self-centered   Thick-skinned   Strong-willed 
1. A determined, resolute and single-minded person is .
2. A  person is extremelly self-aware and has a tendency to be shy and introvert.
3. Some people are receptive to different ideas or opinions of others.  They are .
4.  people don't bother to take the time to understand another person's points of view or feelings. They only care about themselves.
5. A person who is easily distracted and shows inattentive or forgetful behaviour is .
6.  people are very relaxed, calm and easy-going. Nothing disturbs them.
7. A  person is tolerant and has a pleasant and easygoing disposition.
8.  people lack tolerance or sympathy.  They are intolerant and prejudiced.
9. Someone easily aroused to anger is .
10. A  person is not easily offended and is usually unaffected by the needs and feelings of others.
4. Correct these sentences:
1. Mr. Smith is a second rate carpenter.  Correct  Incorrect
2. We are opening an all-day restaurant. Correct  Incorrect
3. The store is offering a 7 week money back guarantee. Correct  Incorrect
4. I have to read a 10-page document. Correct  Incorrect
5. The streets in our town are brightly-lit. Correct  Incorrect
Remember!   Do not string all adjectives with hyphens!  We often use more than one adjective to describe something - and that doesn't turn them into compound adjective!
 A small red ladybug (2 adjectives: "small" and "red")
A cute yellow duckling (2 adjectives: "cute" and "yellow")