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Past Perfect Simple & Past Simple

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Past Perfect Simple or Past Simple

1.����� They �(book) a room at a hotel, they �(arrive) there.

2.����� The cat �(eat) the mouse after it �(catch) it.

3.����� She �(get) a prescription she �(buy) medicine.

4.����� Samantha �(think) of pros and cons, she �(write) her essay.

5.����� The plane �(land) it �(stop).

6.����� The child �(tell) his mother that he �(lose) his pocket money.

7.����� The dog �(eat) the bone after it �(dig) it out.

8.����� She �(cry) her heart out after she �(lock) the door.

9.����� We �(receive) the card, we �(read) it aloud.

10.They �(decorate) the room after they �(clean) it.

11.The musician �(play) a tune he �(compose) himself.

12.She �(write) the letter, she �(post) it.

13.The teacher �(explain) the topic and she �(ask) questions.

14.The students �(enter) the classroom, they �(take) their seats.

15.The child �(give) his mother a card he �(draw) for her.

16.The grandmother �(ask) about the day at school and after that �(give) her grandchildren a delicious meal.

17.The postman �(give) him the letter his cousin �(send) to him.

18.The cat �(have) enough sleep, it �(stretch) and �(yawn).