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Compartive & Superlatives (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Second Year Students
Technological Streams 2003/2004
Unit 03: Comparing / Contrasting

(Ex 1.) Give the comparative and superlative form of the following words when possible. Then put a tick (ã) if the word is an adjective.
1. bad    worse - the worst      [Thumbs Up]
2.  badly  worse - the worst
3.  beautiful
more beautiful -the most beautiful[Thumbs Up]
4.  cheerful 
5.  closely
6.  coldly  
7.  comfortably
8.  critical  
9.  delicious
10.  dim     
11.  early   
12.  earnest
13.  easy    
14.  fair     
15.  far      
16.  fast     
17.  fine     
18.  friendly
19.  funny 
20.  glad    
21.  hard    
22.  heavily  
23.  high    
24.  honest 
25.  hot      
26.  ill        
27.  interesting 
28.  jolly      
29.  lazily     
30.  little      
31.  many     
32.  much     
33.  noble    
34.  not       
35.  now     
36.  often  
37.  outstanding 
38.  perfect       
39.  prompt       
40.  quietly        
41.  responsible  
42.  short          
43.  silly             
44.  softly           
45.  soon           
46.  splendid       
47.  straight       
48.  tender        
49.  there          
50.  thin            
51.  well            
52.  wildly        
54.  young        

(Ex 2.) Complete the following sentences. Use the comparative form of one of these adjectives. Use each word only once. Add 'than' if necessary.
good, interesting, important, fat, high, difficult, lazy, interested, easy, old
1.  My exam results are good. They are  last year.
2.  I think that speaking is  writing. I don't find speaking difficult.
3.  It is  to be healthy than wealthy.
4.  Mount Everest is  Mont Blanc.
5.  I am eating too much. I am much  I was last month.
6.  This exercise is very easy. Can you give me something ?
7.  My mother is 42 but my father is much . He's 73.
8.  Julietta never goes out. She's  in studying for university.
9.  His first book was boring but this one is .
10. Robert is  anyone I know. He never lifts a finger to work.
(Ex 3.) Choose the correct form in the following sentences.
    1.  Yesterday we played our (worse, worst)  concert.
2.  I am (more hungrier, hungrier) now.
3.  Who is the (shorter, more shorter, most short, shortest) of the four sisters?
4.  Is this the (best, better, more better, most best ) value that you have?
5.  John is the (most happiest, happiest) kid I know.

(Ex 4.) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets
          e.g.    She can swim faster than me. (fast)
We all went to bed very late, but Kathy went to bed the latest. (late)
The film wasn't as interesting as we expected. (interesting) 
1.  It was  driving I have ever seen. (good)
2.  Peter sang than all the others. (loud)
3.  The holiday wasn't the one we had last year. (expensive)
4.  She's a good student. She works  than the others. (carefully)
5.  Would you play  please? I'm trying to sleep. (quietly)
6.  My mother wakes up  than me. (early)
7.  I tried  than last time, but still I didnft manage to pass the exam. (hard)
8.  They are all good singers, but Aliki can sing the . (well)
9.  We all swam very far, but Manuel swam the . (far)
10. I can jump  than you. (high)