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Past Simple or Continuous

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Put the verbs into Past Simple or Past Continuous.  


He  (walk) along the street. It was 5 p.m. The late autumn sun  (shine). He  (think) about the case. Something in it was wrong. A detail or two  (not/match). He  (not/notice) that it  (start) to rain.


At 5 p.m. yesterday Mark  (sit) in the cinema. He  (drink) Coca Cola and he  (eat) popcorn. The film was so exciting that he  (not/notice) how he  (upset) the popcorn packet onto the floor.


At 5 p.m. yesterday Ted  (sit) on the float. He was rather scared because a shark  (circle) around and around the float. Luckily some tourists who  (fly) in a helicopter  (see) him. They  (call) the rescue team and they  (rescue) Ted.


Mr and Mrs Twotoes  (walk) along the beach with their dog Claw. Suddenly the wind  (start) to blow. It  (lift) an old plastic bag from the ground. Claw the dog  (want) to catch it. It  (run) from one side to the other. Then it suddenly  (run) out of sight.


Jeremy and Pamela  (dance) exuberantly when their children  (come) home. They  (explain) that the music on the radio was so good that they  (can) not sit on the sofa. So they  (start) to dance.


Nick  (sneeze) so violently that he  (fall) off his chair. The people who  (sit) in the room with him  (get) a terrible fright. As Nick  (sit) on the floor, however, they  (start) to laugh.


At 5 p.m. last Sunday Luke and his father were in the garden. They  (fly) a kite. The wind  (blow) nicely, the sun  (shine), it was warm. It was a perfect day. At 5:30 mother  (call) them in to have dinner.