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Adjectives ending -ing and -ed

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Adjectives ending in -ing or -ed

1. He works very hard. It's not  surprising/surprised that he's always tired.
2. I've got nothing to do. I'm  boring/bored.
3. The teacher's explanation was  confusing/confused.Most of the students didn't understand it.
4. The kitchen hadn't been cleaned for ages. It was really  disgusting/disgusted.
5. I seldom visit art galleries. I'm not particularly  interesting/interested in art.
6. There's no need to get  annoying/annoyed just because I'm a few minutes late.
7. The lecture was  boring/bored. I fell asleep.
8. I asked Emily if she wanted to come out with us but she wasn't  interesting/interested.
9. I've been working very hard all day and now I'm  exhausting/exhausted.
10. I'm starting a new job tomorrow. I'm quite  exciting/excited.
11. Tom is very good at telling funny stories. He can be very  amusing/amused. 
12. Liz is very interested/interesting person. She knows a lot, she's travelled a lot and she's done a lot of different things.
13. I'm not  interesting/interested in music as much as you are.