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Grammar: Present Simple or Continuous
Vocabulary: Contacts
1.- Complete the sentences with the verbs from the box below in simple present or present continuous. Make any necessary changes:
INVOLVE����������TAKE PART�����������MEET����������LEARN������������BE������������CALL�������not��WANT����� � SPEAK������
A) Our sales rep �very stubborn. He �to accept our new conditions
B) They� �in a temporary project
C) My job� usually �emailing our customers
D)�We �a new consultant tonight
E) Listen! That man �Japanese
F) Brais speaking. Who , please?
G) My colleagues �how to make interactive activities right now
2.- Choose the right auxiliary verb:
A) What��they specialize in?
B) How many subsidiaries �your company have?
C) I �attending the conference tomorrow
D) �BR solutions developing a new software to help manage sales?
E) �your mother work on Saturdays?
F) �you listening to me? What did I say?
G) I �believe Chinese is going to be a useful language in our market
3.- All these sentences are wrong. Correct the mistakes (There may be more than one mistake in each sentence)
A) My job consist in answering phone calls
B) Do you read that book at the moment?
C) I am wanting to deal of my email before I leave
D) Her job involve to travel around the world
E) I usually am involved on new projects
4.- Rewrite this�phone conversation�in the right order:
1.- Yes, of course 1.-��
2.- I'm Henry from�the local newspaper 2.-��
3.- One moment, please ...I'm�afraid Jeremy is busy now 3.-�
4.-�Hello. Could I speak to Jeremy, please?� 4.-�
5.- Yes. Who is calling, please? 5.-��
6.-��Could you tell him to phone me back? 6.-�
5.- Tick the right answer:
A)�You need to talk to�Bob. He deals�.... new contracts�����������������������������������������
�� of��������������� with
B)�The main part of his job�.... of phoning their customers��������
takes part���� consists������� involves
C) We are using a new ... to do part of our work
D) We are 400 members of ... at the moment
E)�... at weekends?
Do�you work��������Are you working+
F) Where is Sam today? He ... a new supplier
�visits�������������������� is visiting