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Enviromental Matters

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I. Complete the sentences. Use the vocabulary in the box.
1. In 2009 we experienced  due to the lack of rain.
2. By reciclying our garbage we avoid dumping it in a .
3. It's every citizen's responsibility to protect our .
4.  is causing the melting of polar ice caps.
5.   have been dumped into rivers by factories causing .
6.  We should use  cleaning products since they decompose rapidly.
7. The high levels of carbon dioxide cause .
8. transportation like hybrid cars can help us reduce air pollution.
II. Choose the correct connector to complete the sentences below.
1. It's preferable to buy organic products the high cost.
2. Climate dramatic changing has been experienced .
3. We always turn the air conditioning down  save electricity.
4.   recyling may seem complicated, we should make an effort to do it.
5.   water shortages, some people continue watering their lawn daily.
6. Governments must work as a team  protect endangered species.
7. Our forest has been deforestated  logging activities.
8. In Brazil, we can use ethanol  gasoline.
9. water shortages, many people continue taking baths  showers.
10. oil shortages, gas prices have gone up.
III.Unscramble the sentences below. One connector should be left out.
1. electricity/I /enviroment-friendly/in order to/light bulbs/because/use/save.
2. reusable/ones/using/due to/use/plastic/or/bags/instead of/we/should
3. because/pollution/should/invested/more money/solar power/be/in/so that/we/can/stop