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Multiple Choice on Compound Noun and Possessive Case

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Compound noun and possessive case
1.�is the time when family members gather to welcome the first day of the year .
2. Can you please tell me what is ?
3. Mary usually has a before going to school.
4. is very interesting , I guess.
5. I can not rememberthough I have seen it .
6. �is in� the parking lot.
7.��were altogether different.
8. My uncle is a
9. Most people admire, and so do I .
10. In Vietnam, �is on November 20th .
11. I like reading �better than any other books.
12. �had to be towed last night.
13. Do you often go to church on ?
14. �is celebrated on various days in many places around the world.
15. �has changed lives of many women.
16. My cousin is a . He works at a .
17. �to talk makes him unlike any other animal.
18. �are nice. They visit our house sometimes.
19. Children make up a large proportion of .
20. �has been broken