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Present Perfect Sentence Transformation

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Sentence Transformation: Present Perfect

Use the word in bold or a form of the word in bold to make sentence (b) have a

similar meaning to sentence (a).

You must use between 2 and 5 words. If you use fewer than 2 words your answer will be wrong.

If you use more than 5 words your answer will be wrong.


(a) Tigger ate lunch an hour ago. (EATEN)

(b) Tigger ���has eaten�� lunch.

1. ������� (a) Mr. Phelps is a swimmer. He started swimming when he was five years old. (BEEN)

(b) Mr. Phelps a swimmer since he was five.

2.�������� (a) Jane knows Tom. They first met at a party 23 years ago. (FOR)

(b) Jane has known Tom .

3.�������� (a) Mr. Diamond lives in Abu Dhabi. He moved there in 2010. (SINCE)

(b) Mr. Diamond has lived in Abu Dhabi .

4.�������� (a) Lucky Goldstar makes mobile phones. They started making them in 1994. (MAKE)

(b) Lucky Goldstar mobile phones since 1994.

5.�������� (a) Ali has a car. He bought it five years ago. (HAD)

(b) Ali his car for five years.

6. ������� (a) Jam-Jam is still working on his homework. (FINISHED)

(b) Jam-Jam his homework yet.

7. ������� (a) Poupon arrived a few seconds ago. (JUST)

(b) Poupon has .

8. ������� (a) Bai-Lin spoke to Rupert last week. (ALREADY)

(b) Bai-Lin has to Rupert.

9. ������� (a) Babs has never traveled to Bhutan, but she would like to. (GONE)

(b) Although she would like to, Babs to Bhutan.

10. ����� (a). Mee-Geung and Da-Lei ate snake, camel and ostrich on their trip last year. (EATEN)

(b) Mee-Geung and Da-Lei strange foods such as snake, camel and ostrich.