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Friends Halloween Activity
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Age: 16-100
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���������� THE WORDS YOU NEED APPEAR AT THE BOTTOM.���������� ��

  1. He�s a very friend of mine. We�ve always done lots of things together.
  2. She�s a friend. I can discuss anything with her.
  3. Gary and I are� friends. We went to the same school.
  4. I�m not going to argue with her about this because I value our� �too much.
  5. I�ve got a� �who is a mechanic. If you like, I�ll ask him to look at your car.
  6. She seems to have a lot of� �, but not many real friends.
  7. I spoke to one of your� , who told me you were in a meeting when I rang.
  8. Are you still �him? You used to be such a nice couple.
  9. She finds it easy to friends.
  10. She seems really nice, I�d like to �her better.
  11. David doesn�t�with my parents. He thinks they're very old fahioned and strict.
  12. Althoughhe�s left the company, he�s still with them.
  13. They�ve been �for six months now.
  14. They �with each other for some stupid argument.
  15. Sally and Nick have just I don�t think they�ll be together any longer.

good/close���� fell out������on good/friendly terms����� going out������� old����� friendship�������� colleagues���� make���� �get to know����� �friends with����� �� get on well������� �mate������ ������acquaintances���� � split/ break up