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Have you ever...?
Choose the correct word. 
Sally: Hey, cheer up! It's not the end of the world!
Jack: I never so embarrassed in all my life.
Sally: Carol was really annoyed. I never anyone so angry before.
Jack: She heard everything we said about her. you ever really stupid? Because I do now!
Sally: Perhaps you do like her after all - that's why you feel bad. I think Carol is rude to you because she really likes you...you ever a girlfriend?
Jack: No, I ! Now let's talk about the video instead. What qare we going to do?
Sally: I know! We're in the tube. Why don't we make a video about the underground? In my guidebook it says there's a place called the London Transport Museum. It's in Covent Garden.
Jack: OK, let's go there then.
Choose the best answer.
1. Has Jack ever been so embarrassed before?
Yes, he has.
No, he hasn't.
Don't know.
2. Has Sally ever seen anyone so angry before?
Yes, she has.
No, she hasn't.
Don't know.
3. How does Jack feel now?
Upset and angry.
Happy and pleased.
Embarrassed and stupid.
4. Sally says :"that's why you feel bad." What does that refer to?
Carol likes Jack.
Jack likes Carol.
Jack feels bad.
5. What are they going to make a video about?
The tube.
Covent Garden.
The London Transport Museum.
6. Where are Jack and Sally going?
To the hotel.
To Hyde Park.
To Covent Garden.
Complete with ever or never.
1  Sally has  been to London before.
2  Have Jack and Sally  beeb to Covent Garden?
3  Have you  made a video?
4  I've  felt so stupid.
5  Has Jack  had a girlfriend?
6  Sally has  been to the London Transport Museum before.