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Working Life

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Working Life

I. Instructions. Match the words 1-10 with the definitions a-j.

1.       Advertisement 

a)      Bulletin, notice, poster      

2.       Disgusting 

b)      From another country         

3.       Foreign         

c)      Hard work 

4.       Labour  

d)      Impolite     

5.       Placard         

e)      Public announcement         

6.       Reliable 

f)       Salary, payment     

7.       Rude 

g)      Sculpted figure       

8.       Statue   

h)      To be trusted           

9.       Tiring 

i)       To make a person exhausted

10.   Wages          

j)       Unpleasant              

11.   Wealthy 

k)      Very Rich                   

II. Instructions. Unscramble the words below.

1. edru=                                 6. saewg=

2. uoalbr=                            7. sgniidgtus=

3. suttea=                            8. acdlpar=

4. whatyel=                      9. saemtndivreet=

5. iigtnr=                             10. egrfino=

III. Instructions. Complete the sentences using"have to", "has to", "don´t have to", "doesn´t have to", "had to", and "didn´t have to".

1. make my bed every day and I  wash the dishes. My sister  help with
    the housework - that´s not fair!
2. We have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow! I  study the words in the afternoon!
3. My father often  work very late ... sometimes he comes home after 9 p.m.! Poor Dad...
4. You  do your homework now, you can do it at the weekend.
5. She clean her room every week when she was in high school.
6. When I was young, I wash the dishes because a girl helped us to do the housework.
7. We  cook lunch. Our mom does it!

IV. Instructions. Choose the correct answer.

1. Young women in rich families (weren´t allowed/ wasn´t allowed) to work even if they wanted to.

2. In Africa, children under 10 years old are working in mines. They (isn´t allowed / aren´t allowed) to take breaks and they are very badly paid.

3. You (must / mustn´t) smoke when you are pregnant.

4. My sister (must / has to) wear an uniform to go to school.

5. I (must / have to) call my friend to explain her what happened yesterday.