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The Raven and the Swan

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The Raven and the Swan
Read the story.
                 One day, a raven happened to fly past a lake. Looking at the lake, he saw the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. It was a swan whose feathers were white as snow. The raven was very envious of the swan’s feathers. When he looked at his own feathers, they were black as coal.
                 The raven decided that he also want to have white feathers like the swan’s.?From that day onwards, the raven began to live like the swan. He moved his home from the woods to the lake. He also started to eat water weeds like the swan.
                Each day, the raven would wash his feathers, hoping that they would turn white. But no matter how hard he washed, his feathers remained black.
               As he ate only water weeds, he soon grew thinner and thinner. Not many days later, the raven died.

Tick the correct answers.

1. What did the raven see at the lake?
      The most beautiful creature that he had ever seen.
      A swan with grey feathers.
      A bird made of snow.
      His own reflection in the water.
2. Why was the raven envious of the swan?
      He own feathers were black as coal.
      The swan did not have black feathers like him.
      The swan had beautiful white feathers.
      The swan lived in the lake.
3.  Where was the raven natural home?
      The lake
      The pond
      The field
      The woods
4. Why did the raven want to live like the swan?
      He wanted to make friend with the swan.
      He wanted to become a swan.
      He wanted to have white feathers.
      He wanted to eat water weeds.
5. Why did the raven wash his feathers everyday?
      He thought his feathers would turn white.
      He thought his feathers were dirty.
      He wanted to be clean.
      He wanted to learn from the swan.