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Furniture and have got

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Learn the vocabulary.

 armchair  wardrobe      bed            mirror      toilet   bookcase      table


    bath       fridge          sofa        fireplace     cooker    chair          cupboard


 at the pictures and answer the questions using                                                        Yes, (s)he has. / No, (s)he hasn't).

Has Lena got a bath? No, she hasn't.              Has Alex got a table? Yes, he has.
Has Alex got a fireplace?
          Has she got a cooker?
        Has Lena got a chair?
Has he got a mirror?                Has Lena got a sofa?          Has Alex got a fridge?
Has she got a toilet?                  Has Alex got a bed?              Has he got a sofa?
Has he got a bookcase?          Has she got a bath?          Has Alex got a cooker?
Has Lena got a cupboard?    Has he got a bath?             Has she got a bed? 

Read and write the interrogative and the negative.

Ex.:  Lena has got a bookcase.    Interrogative (I): Has Lena got a bookcase?   Negative (N): Lena hasn't got a bookcase.
        You have got a mirror.           Interrogative (I): Have you got a mirror?         Negative (N): You haven't got a mirror.

       I have got a bookcase.          We have got a fireplace.            You have got an armchair.               She has got a bath.
  (I):          (I):           (I):               (I):
(N):     (N):      (N):         (N):

      They have got a fridge.            Alex has got a bed.               We have got a cupboard.            Lena has got a chair.

  (I):                (I):                (I):               (I):
(N):      (N):     
(N):         (N):
Write the question and choose the answer.

Ex.: Alex / fireplace   Question(Q): Has Alex got a fireplaceAnswer: Yes, he has.

       Lena / bath                           she / armchair                            Alex / wardrobe                         they / bed
(Q):        (Q):        (Q):        (Q):
 (A):             (A):               (A):                (A):

       you / sofa                             they / cupboard                          your dad / toilet                          Lena / mirror
(Q):        (Q):       (Q):      (Q):
 (A):           (A):               (A):                 (A):  
       they / table                            you / bookcase                          I / chair                                       your dog / bed
(Q):      (Q):        (Q):               (Q):
(A):            (A):               (A):                (A):