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description of a friend: typical mistakes

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1) Choose the correct option.

1 My best friend is Oscar.

2 �nice person.

3 He's got
4 He plays basketball
5 He's a good friend for
6 He lives in Oxford.� hair is blond.
7 He likes �with his friends.
8 He always does
9 He has
10 He �lazy.

2) Tick the correct box.

1 He �isn't very tall.��� �aren't very tall.���� �doesn't have very tall.���� �doesn't has very tall.

2 �No is very tall.������ �is no very tall.������ �isn't very tall.������������� �He isn't very tall.

3 His hair is short and��� ��yellow.��������������� �hello.������� �blond.�������blonde.����
4 He has got��������������� �a blue eyes.��������� �blue eyes.����� ����blues�eyes.���
5 He�has got���� �a brother.����a one brother.��������� ��one brothers.��������a one brothers.
6 He �has�12 years old.��� He �has got�12 years.�� He �is 12 years.�����He �is 12 years old.
7 I �thing that he is intelligent.��� I �think that he's intelligent.��� I �thing that he's intelligent.
8 He has got�����short hair.�����a short hair.����������� ��a short hairs.�
9 He has got��� �a green eyes.��black eyes.������������� �a brown eyes.������ �dark eyes.��

10 He likes��� ���eating pizza.� �eat pizza.�������������� �ate pizza.���������� �to ate pizza.

3) Correct the mistake. Type in�ONE word in each box.

1 My friend is not very taller.
2 His hair is large.
3 He don't fat.
4 He's very fanny.
5 He always help me.
6 He are generous and honest.
7 I don't like he's attitude.
8 He like's Psy.
9 He's got black eyes.
10 His favorite music is pop.
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