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Online Test (Grunds, prepositions, connectors)

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1.����� �the heat they spent much time outside.

2.����� �, he was very upset he tried not to show it.

3.����� �of the tiredness she went on her way.

4.����� �it was very late, I did not go to bed.

5.����� Even �she kept her silence.

����������6. They are very rude .
�Gerund or infinitive

1.����� We consider �(move) the house.

2.����� She fancies �(relax) on the beach.

3.����� It appeared �(be) more difficult.

4.����� I will resume �(read) at once.

5.����� They returned �(explain).

6.����� They had time �(think).

7.����� We are not keen on �(run) so early in the morning.

8.����� I beg �(tell) me the truth.

9.����� We are not going to suggest �(wait) in this demolished hove


1.����� I will account �the outcome later.

2.����� They sometimes apply �me �the information.

3.����� The prosecutor accused him �forgery.

4.����� They have much in common. They get �rather well.

5.����� I do not know what she is aiming .

6.����� You will have to respond �me �the end.

7.����� I do not know how it tastes. I will try it .

8.����� Tell me please, what it consists .

9.����� We did not congratulate him �the graduation of his school.

10. I will not object �your proposal.

11. This muffin is made �fresh fruit.