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Prepositions of time

1.       We could not sleep  night.

2.       They met for the first time  last Christmas.

3.       My friends like to have some fun  weekends.

4.       I usually start my work  8 o’clock  the morning.

5.       I have English  Tuesday and  Friday.


1.       My mother said: “I will be very furious if you don’t study properly for your exams next month!”
My mother said that

2.       My Father said: “If you can get at least B, we shall buy you a present.”
My Father said that

3.       My sister said: “You must work hard because you did not work much last month.”
My sister said that

4.    My granny asked: “When will you have a rest?”
My granny asked.

5.      My uncle asked: “When did you start revising?”
My uncle asked .



1.       I would like to  Peter something very important for me.

2.       I would like to  to Peter something very important for me.

3.       I would like to  Peter is very important for me.

4.       They never  me the real reason!

5.       You must  the truth, you must not  lies!

6.       She  Sarah would repair the toy car herself.

Active voice

1.       While we  (wait) for the show to begin Molly  (phone) and  (say) that she  (not/come).

2.       My step-sister  (work) at hospital. She  (start) to work there three years ago and she  (work) there ever since.

3.       We  (guess) the answer before he  (tell) us.

4.       The children  (queue) outside the classroom now because they  (wait) for their teacher to come.

Passive voice

1.       Your breakfast  (already/cook) you must go to the kitchen.

2.       While our car  (check) a new CD  (steal) from it.

3.       This exercise  (do) by you now.

4.       As soon as you have finished the exercise  (check) by the teacher.

5.       Students  (prepare) for exams every year.


1.       I am afraid that this test is  (difficult) than the previous one. In fact it is the  (complicate) test we have done so far. It is as (sophisticated) as a real Exam.

2.       The previous tests were  (easy) that this one they were less  (difficult) because you had  (much) time than you have now.

3.       The sentences are  (long) and  (sophisticated) than ever before.

       4. The children at the desks look  (sleepy) than ever before. I suppose that they are very as  (tired) as if they have discharged a train.