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Complete the second sentence of each pair so that it has the same meaning as the first one.

1.- Althouh he had been vaccinated, he caught the flu
��� In spite of
2.- We were looking for the climbers in the snow
� The climbers
3.- The typewriter is not being used
�� Nobody
4.- He started his job as a firefighter 5 months ago
�� He has
5.- How old is she?
�� What's
6.- "Why do you need so many notebooks?" My teacher asked
�� My teacher wanted to know
7.- "Let's have dinner together" She insisted
��� She suggested
8.- Apple's new product will be launched next year
�� Apple
9.- She is painting my room
��� I am having�
10.- Visiting art-exhibitions is very interesting
�� It is
11.- She has never travelled by train before
�� This is
12.- Mary's hair is shorter than Ann's
�� Ann's hair
13.- People think that�Teresa won the gold medal
�� Teresa is
14.- Can you lend me your pen, please?
��� Can I
15.- A decorator will design our kitchen next month
�� We will
16.- Where did you find that necklace?
�� Where was
17.- Nobody helped her when she had the accident
�� She�
18.- The last time he saw his aunt was two years ago
��� He hasn't
19.- "Don't give your son his mobile phone" My mother said to my father
���� My mother told my father
20.- The washing machine was being mended
��� �They�
21.- A zebra is not as heavy as an elephant
���� An elephant is
22.- I made this furniture by myself
���� I made this furniture on
23. What's the spelling of this word?
��� How
24.- "We are going to pay them tomorrow" Tom said
�� Tom said that
25.- It is believed that the ozone layer is damaged because of pollution
�� The ozone layer is believed