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Present Perfect Simple

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Present Perfect Simple
Form the present perfect simple

1.      I  (go)  to school.

2.      You  (hide)  in the wardrobe.

3.      She (run)  away.

4.      We  (fly)  to France.

5.      He (ride)  a horse.

6.      They (fall)  down.

7.      It (give)  greetings.

8.      Mary (speak)  to her friend.

9.      Tom (swim)  across the river.

10.   Tom and Mary (write)  a story.

 Form the present perfect simple

1.   Linda (see)  my cat.

2.   Kate (eat)  all the potatoes.

3.   Max and Monta (do)  their homework.

4.   Laura (speak)  to me.

5.   Eve (know)  all the answers.

6.   Two girls (drink)  all the juice.

7.   One boy (run)  away.

8.   The man (sing)  a nice song.

9.   My father (bring)  a nice box.

10.   My parents  (teach)  me a lot.

 Form the present perfect simple
     1.   The teacher (tell)  us about it.

2.   The teachers (sit)  on the bench.

3.   They(think)  about it.

4.   She (make)  a cake.

5.   We (get)  this.

6.   The cat (stand)  on the fence.

7.   The cats (sleep)  on the bathmat.

8.   Our friend (send)  us a postcard.

9.   Our friends (buy)  this present.

10.   The policeman  (pay)  for his coffee.