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Lizard Island Chapter 3

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                                                                Chapter 3.                                                                                               
The crossing was a lot easier than the last return trip to the mainland, as the weather was in their favour. There wasn't a cloud to be seen in the sky and the sun was strong. Bert dropped them off at the beach and told them he would pick them up on his return from fishing at 2.30 am so that gave the children four hours to do what they had to do. Off they trecked along the path towards the cave and at one stage Sam thought he heard a sound in the brush so he warned the others."stop! your scaring the girls" Bill said. They all giggled and carried on up the path and soon came to the entrance to the cave."who's going in first" Sue asked so Bill stood up as usual and headed in through opening in the rocks. As he lit his torch a family of bats flew over his head and away into the air. They all ducked and followed Bill into the cave cautiously in case there were more bats to exit. Soon they came to the place where they had lit the fire on their first visit and Sue pointed to a big rock at the rear of the cave."Over there, that's where i thought i saw something" she said. Bill pointed his torch at the rock and they all walked over. Sam removed some sand from around the bottom of the rock and suddenly Sue shouted "there." When Sam pointed the torch at the spot they all gasped to see a skull and crossbones in red, painted there with an arrow pointing downwards. Bill got a  shovel from his backpack and started to dig slowly, the sand was easy to move so after about five minutes or so he struck something solid. After removing the sand from around the top he grabed a handle and pulled a small chest from out of the hole. There was a locking device on the front and a skull and crossbones on the top and Sue suggested taking it to the Locksmith on the mainland to get it opened. They all agreed and exited the cave with a sigh of relief.                     
Q1. What was the weather like on the crossing?__________________________                                                                                                        Q2.  what time were they to be picked up and how long had they got?_______________________________                                                          Q3. Why did Sam caution the others?_________________________                                                                                                                            Q4. Who was the first to enter the cave______________                                                                                                                                              Q5.  What happened when Bill lit the torch?_________________________                                                                                                              Q6. What did Sue point to in the cave?___________________________                                                                                                                      Q7. What did they find painted on the Rock?____________________________                                                                                                                Q8. What did Bill pull out of the hole?______________________                                                                                                                                     Q9 What was on the chest?________________________________                                                                                                                                  Q10. What did they agree to in the end ?_______________________________