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Birds 2

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Learn the names of the birds by heart. If you are not sure what is the bird in the image, consult your dictionary or your teacher for the precize translation.
                     EAGLE                                               BLACKBIRD                                            CARDINAL
               CRANE                                                      CROW                                                         FLAMINGO
       GOLDEN ORIOLE                                           PEACOCK                                                      DOVE
      PELICAN                                                               HOOPOE                                                   ROADRUNNER
Choose the right name and tick the appropriate box. Do not tick the wrong boxes. :)
PELICAN                                                             CROW                                                           CARDINAL
CRANE                                                                BLACKBIRD                                                 FLAMINGO
EAGLE                                                                 HOOPOE                                                       ROADRUNNER
GOLDEN ORIOLE                                             PEACOCK                                                       DOVE
CRANE                                                               HOOPOE                                                          ROADRUNNER
PELICAN                                                            CROW                                                              FLAMINGO
GOLDEN ORIOLE                                            HOOPOE                                                        CARDINAL
PELICAN                                                           PEACOCK                                                     ROADRUNNER
EAGLE                                                               BLACKBIRD                                                  DOVE
PEACOCK                                                        HOOPOE                                                          DOVE
EAGLE                                                              BLACKBIRD                                                    CARDINAL
PELICAN                                                          GOLDEN ORIOLE                                           ROADRUNNER
Choose the right name.