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Colors in Nature

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Colors in Nature

Beauty in nature is seen everywhere. Nature is full of color. Plants, animals, birds, and insects have many beautiful colors. Color, however, for animals, birds, and insects is not only for beauty. It means life to them because it helps them hide from their enemies.

Birds, for example, use their color to tell other birds to stay away from their nests. They sing and move their wings to show their color as a warning to other birds.

One kind of butterfly is orange and black. It has a bad taste to birds. Once a bird eats this kind of butterfly it remembers the bad taste. After that, it will never eat another orange and black butterfly!

Some moths use color to make birds afraid of them. The color or the marks on the moth�s body is a sign to a bird. The bird sees the color or the marks and does not eat the moth!

One kind of fish can change its color. The color is the same as the surrounding sea plants or rocks. Then the fish�s enemy can�t see it.

Color is very important to nature�s animals, birds, and insects. Often it can save their lives!

Complete the sentences below

1.����� The colors of birds other birds.

a.hide ���������������b. save���������������������� c. warn

2. The color of some moths is� to birds.

a. a sign���������� b. a taste������� c. a beauty

3. Some fish can change their .

a. bodies����� b. color���������� c. water

4. The colors of animals, birds, and insects can� their lives.

a. hide������� b. warn����������� �������������c. save

Fill in the adverbs using the text.

1.����� Beauty in nature is seen .

2.����� Color,, for animals, birds, and insects.

3.����� a bird eats this kind.

4.����� It will� eat another.

5.���thefish�s enemy.

6.����� Color is� important.

� � � �� it can save