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FCE (Mock Exam/ Task 2)

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Task 2 (16 points)


Complete the text with the correct tense of the verb in the brackets.


School uniform


There (0) have been (be) many discussions about school uniform recently. Some adults and some children

(1)  (think) that it is a good idea. Everybody who (2)  (go) to school has thought about
this problem at least once. Till 1991 children who  (3)  (go) to school (4)  (wear) a uniform.
The uniform (5)  (consist) of blue trousers and a blazer with a shirt for boys and girls (6)  (wear) blue skirts, blazers and a blouse.
Nowadays children (7)  (wear) whatever they like.


However, you can hardly find a student who  (8)  (wear) blazers and blouses.
Last month students of our school (9)  (organize) a discussion.
They (10)  (want) to know the opinion of the students about uniforms.
Now they (11)  (analyze) the results.
In my opinion, students should have a choice of what they  (12)  (want) to wear in their everyday life.
I (13)  (wear) casual clothes since I (14)  (start) school in 1994.


Many students (15)  (like) casual clothes because they think that the clothes (16) (be) comfortable.
And this is my opinion, too.