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Downloadable worksheets:
Hanukkah Pictionary
Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 95

Winter festivals: Hanukkah
Level: intermediate
Age: 13-100
Downloads: 81

Hanukkah Vocabulary
Level: elementary
Age: 3-17
Downloads: 55

December Celebrations
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-17
Downloads: 52

Christmas and Hanukah
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Downloads: 48

Level: intermediate
Age: 10-17
Downloads: 37




Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the most suitable preposition:
1. The family is sitting the table.
2. The Maccabee is standing the chairs.
3. There is one dreidel the drawer and one dreidel  the drawer.
4. There is a dreidel the chair and another one the other chair.
5. There ia a Hannukia  each window- sill.
6. There are daughnuts the table.
7. There is a little girl the sofa.
8. There is a cat the sofa.
9. There is a plate of "latkes" the cat.
10. There is a hanukia (menorah)  the drawer
   Unscramble the words
1. ldirdee      
2. kelat         
3. idohayl    
4. elcarim
6. nrmeaho  _
7. scdlane  
   Match the expression with its meaning
    Write the number of the expression next to its meaning.
1. at first light
 make a joke about
2. get the green light
 understand, become aware
3. make light of
 explain, give information
4. see the light
 just before the sun rises
5. throw some light on
 hit you, knock you down
6. punch your lights out
 get approval
   Find the words in the word-search puzzle
  Antiochus,  candles,  doughnut,  eight,  holiday, Judah,  light,  Maccabees,   Menorah,  miracle, money, oil,  presents,  spin,   Temple ,   Jerusalem,  top,  dreidel, latkes