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FCE (mock exam task 4)

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Task 4


Fill each of the numbered gaps in the following passage with a suitable word. Use only one word for each blank. The task begins with an example (0).

All people (0)use public transport. Early (1) �the morning we go to school or to work (2) �bus or sometimes if a

person lives a long distance away from his or her place of work or school, then they usually go (3) �tram.
Some children go (4) �foot, if their school is not far from the place where they live. But we know that they (5) �not do it so very
often because�(6) �our country there are special school buses which take students to school and back home. Of course, everybody
knows that it is (7) �convenient to go by car than (8) �bus but the majority of parents also need to go to work (9) �the
morning.� Certainly, the majority of the parents (10) �not have time to take their children home from school (11) �the afternoon
when the lessons are over (12) �weekdays either. Because they work and their work is usually over not faster (13)��five or
even six o�clock (14) �the afternoon.� Some parents work even longer(15) �that and they finish their work
(16) �eight o�clock p.m.
The students of our school (17) �recently made a survey. They asked the pupils how they (18) �get to and from school.
When they summarized all the results, they found out that the (19) �popular means of transport was - school buses.