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Project 2 Unit 1 Test correction

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Unit 1 Test correction
1 Complete the dialogue.
Robert: When do you get up, Anna? (get up)
Anna: I usually get up at seven.
Robert: What time� home? (leave)
Anna: My brother and I the bus to school at eight. (take)
Robert: I don't leave home at seven. I leave at quarter to nine.
Anna: near the school? (live)
Robert: Yes, I do. But my brother's school (be) near our house. He takes� the bus to school.
Anna: going to school by bus? (like)
Robert: Yes, but he doesn't like getting up early.
Anna: My brother hates getting up early, too.
Robert: Boys don't like getting up early.����� 5/5

2 Make questions.
What / Jo / do / on Thursdays after school?

When / the students / have / lunch / at school?
���� 2/2

3 Answer the questions.
Where is the gym? �. (floor 5)
When is the school concert? . (25/06)
When is the Maths teacher's birthday? . (15/05)
When is the art exhibition? �. (22/09) ��4/4

4 Correct the sentence.
She does play the trumpet.
(Simple Present positive) 2/2

5 Match the synonym phrases: true or false?
a) A lot of students� like Maths.
b) Zoe sometimes feeds the dog.
c) Zoe doesn't like Maths. ��3/3

The students don't usually like Mary's subject. ( =� Maths)
Zoe always feeds the dog.
Zoe and Andy both (=mind2ten) like Maths.