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Lizard Island Chapter 4

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                                                      Lizard Island  Chapter 4

The children started down the pathway with Bill triumphantly leading the way. Sue was close behind carrying the small chest, deep in thought. As they came to a tall tree about half way along the path she noticed the same symbol carved on the lower outer bark. “Look” she said and the all stopped and peered at the tree. A thought came to Sue, that if she were a pirate she would hide the key in a different place to the chest. Bill started digging frantically and he struck what seemed to be a stone this time, so he again removed the sand carefully.“It’s a leather Pouch tied to a stone” Bill said, and Sue told the others what she had been thinking of earlier.  “Could this, be the key!”  Sam said excitedly as they opened the pouch. Bill pulled out a key and placed it into the lock and looked at the others. “Turn it quickly!”  Sue added, and the key easily turned and the lid opened with a pop. They all stood back in disbelief as Bill took out a map of what seemed to be Lizard Island. When they got back to the beach the fishing boat was just anchoring. Soon they were all on board and heading back to the mainland with their secret.                        


Q1. Who lead the way down the path?­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________                              

Q2.  What did they come to half way along the path?_____________________________

Q3. What thought came to Sue?_______________________________________________

Q4. What did Bill do next?____________________________________________________

Q5. What did Bill strike with his shovel?_________________________________________                                

Q6. What did Sam say next?___________________________________________________

Q7. What was in the pouch?___________________________________________________

Q8. What happened when Bill turned the key?____________________________________

Q9. What did Bill take out of the chest?__________________________________________

Q10. What was the secret the children had?______________________________________