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Phrasal verb to take

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Phrasal verb TO TAKE
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      Phrasal Verb "To Take"    

I. Complete these sentences using one of the phrasal verbs in the correct form: take after someone, take something away, take something back, take something off, take over something, take on, take up, take in
1. He had parked his car illegally so the police came and removed it.
    The police his car.
2. Susan behaves just like her mother.
    Susan her mother.
3. You should always remove your shoes when entering a Buddhist temple.
    You must your shoes.
4. I wasn't happy with the clothes I bought.
    I'm going to to the shop.
5. His daughter will be responsible for the business when she's 21.
    His daughter will the business.
6. The boat is water!
7. I would like to your offer of a job.
8. Frazer is going to the champion to try and wind the title.
II. Match the phrasal verbs with their meanings
1. look or behave like
2. to accept in return or return 
3. remove
4. lead or carry away from
5. imitate
6. use or begin
7. receive inside
8. leave
9. destroy
10. start an activity
III. Read the text below and answer these questions about the phrasal verbs with take in it.
A woman's fight against crime
Valery Costa started her carreer in the struggle against organised crime when she took on the difficult job of warder in a high security prison. She took to the job at once and was highly successful. Her work impressed the Ministry of Justice so much that she was taken on to help the fight against terrorist groups and drug-trafficers. Before she took over she had already become the general secretary of the justice department. She is not only the first woman to take up such a position in the government but also the first woman to be placed at the head of the war against organised crime. She doesn't think that being a woman makes any difference to her role: "I'm making exactly the same sacrifices as the men who had the job before me. I'm taking up the story from where they left off - that's all."
1. Took on  here means
2. Took to means
3. Taken on means
4. Took over means
5. Take up means
6. Taking up means