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Present and past simple and continuous

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PRESENT and PAST  SIMPLE or CONTINUOUS. Use contractions when possible. Capitals are relevant.

  1. We  (listen) to music in class tomorrow.
  2. The party  (finish) at 12:00 last night
  3. I  (live) in London. I  (not, live) in Spain.
  4. Susan  (play) football when she  (fall) and (break) her leg
  5. James  (not, like) this party, he  (want) to go home.
  6. We  (not, go) to the cinema yesterday.
  7. Kate  (normally, not, have) lunch in the office, but she  (have) lunch here today
  8. Helen  (can) play the guitar when she  (be) six.
  9.  (normally, you, read) terror stories?
  10. We  (go) to the park.  (You, want) to come with us?
  11.  (you, have) arguments with your parents very often?
  12. Mara and John  (drink) wine every day.
  13. The train  (not, stop) here today.
  14. John  (tidy) his room once a week.
  15. I can't lend you my car because I  (need) it today.
  16. Harriet  (come) while we  (talk) about her
  17. I  (not, take) any medicine at the moment.
  18. I  (not, sleep) very well these days.
  19. They  (not, do) their homework yesterday.
  20. We  (see) that film at the cinema last week.
  21.  (Peter, see) the film yesterday?
  22.  (the sun, shine) when you  (arrive) in Barbados?
  23. Mary never  ( help) in the house.
  24. James  (not, drink) his milk, mum!
  25. Sam  (not, can) score any goals last Sunday.