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Present and past simple and continuous

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PRESENT and PAST� SIMPLE or CONTINUOUS. Use contractions when possible. Capitals are relevant.

  1. We �(listen) to music in class tomorrow.
  2. The party �(finish) at 12:00 last night
  3. I �(live) in London. I �(not, live) in Spain.
  4. Susan �(play) football when she��(fall) and (break) her leg
  5. James �(not, like) this party, he �(want) to go home.
  6. We �(not, go) to the cinema yesterday.
  7. Kate �(normally, not, have) lunch in the office, but she �(have) lunch here today
  8. Helen �(can) play the guitar when she �(be) six.
  9. �(normally, you, read) terror stories?
  10. We �(go) to the park. �(You, want) to come with us?
  11. �(you, have) arguments with your parents very often?
  12. Mara and John �(drink) wine every day.
  13. The train �(not, stop) here today.
  14. John �(tidy) his room once a week.
  15. I can't lend you my car because I �(need) it today.
  16. Harriet �(come) while we �(talk) about her
  17. I �(not, take) any medicine at the moment.
  18. I �(not, sleep) very well these days.
  19. They �(not, do) their homework yesterday.
  20. We �(see) that film at the cinema last week.
  21. (Peter, see) the film yesterday?
  22. �(the sun, shine) when you �(arrive) in Barbados?
  23. Mary never �( help) in the house.
  24. James �(not, drink) his milk, mum!
  25. Sam �(not, can) score any goals last Sunday.