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Infamous Pirates

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                                                                        Clap   InFamous Pirates Cry          

                        Henry Every, Plymouth, England [Born: 1653; Disappeared: 1996]             by JFrater, September 4, 2007

                        Henry Every or Avery was a pirate whose aliases included John Avary, Long Ben,  and Benjamin Bridgeman . He is most famous for being apparently one of the few major pirate captains to retire with his loot without being arrested or killed in battle. Every was a sailor from youth, serving on various Royal Navy ships. Accounts of uncertain veracity place him aboard the English fleet bombarding Algiers in 1671, buccaneering in the Caribbean Sea, and captaining a logwood freighter. By the early 1690s he had entered the Atlantic slave trade, in which he was known to buy slaves on the West African coast, then seize the slave traders themselves and chain them in his ship’s hold alongside their former captives.

                          Every only made one voyage in his capacity as a pirate captain. But in that single journey he succeeded in committing, as Fraser puts it, “the single richest crime in history.” In August, 1694, Every and this ship, the Fancy, reached the Mandab Strait, where he teamed up with four other pirate ships, including Thomas Tew’s sloop Amity. Every and his men attacked the Fateh Muhammed, which had earlier repulsed an attack by the Amity, killing Captain Tew. Perhaps intimidated by the Fancy’s 46 guns or weakened by their earlier battle with Tew, the Fateh Muhammed’s crew put up little resistance, and Every’s pirates sacked the ship for 50,000 pounds worth of treasure.

                         Every then sailed in pursuit of the Ganj-I-Sawai, overtaking her about eight days out of Surat. After a violent battle, Every took the ship. The loot from the Ganj-I-Sawai totalled between 325,000 pounds and 600,000 pounds, including 500,000 gold and silver pieces. Unable to buy a pardon from the governor of Jamaica, Every’s crew split up, some heading to North America, while the majority, including Every, returned to Britain aboard the sloop Isaac, landing in Ireland. Although 24 of his men were caught, many soon after disembarking, Every was never seen again. His last words to his men were a litany of conflicting stories of where he planned to go, doubless intended to throw pursuers off his trail.

Q1. Who or what was Henry Every?__________________________________________________________

Q2. What was Every from youth?__________________________________________________                                                         

Q3. What was the name of his ship?_________________________________________________________
Q4. Who captained the Amity?______________________________________________________________

Q5. What ship did Every and his men attack?_________________________________________________

Q6. What did Every then sail in pursuit of?_____________________________________________________

Q7. Where did the sloop Isaac land?_________________________________________________________