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Have to / has to

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�������� �Have to� is used to express obligation (when something is necessary).���

���������� Ex. I have to make my bed everyday� View details
���� ��������� Have to is used withI, you, we, they (in affirmative sentences)

�������� Has to is used with he, she, it (in affirmative sentences)

�������� Don�t have to is used with I, you, we, they (in negative sentences)

�������� Doesn�t have to is used with he, she, it (in negative sentences)

�������� For questions we use �do / does + subject + have to"

�������� We use �had to� to express obligation in the past

Now do the following activities:

Fill in the gaps using �have to�, �has to�, �don�t have to�, �doesn�t have to�

  1. We� get up early on Mondays�� Child in bed with the alarm clock going off
  2. Mary� go to school on Saturdays
  3. She wear glasses because she can�t see very well�� Person with glasses anime avatar
  4. John� tidy his bedroom before going to bed.
  5. I� lay the table before having lunch������ Young boy setting dinner table
  6. You� take your math book to school today, you don�t have math class�� View details
  7. He� wear uniform in his school. Everybody can wear what they like.
  8. My father is a policeman. He� wear a uniform.�� View details

Say whether these sentences are in present or past

  1. We didn�t have to get up early last Saturday���
  2. She has to go to school���������
  3. Did you have to set the table?����
  4. We have to visit our grandparents���
  5. He had to tidy his room yesterday��