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Clothes - what are they wearing

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What are they wearing?
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what are they wearing?
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1. Study the vocabulary.

      a jacket                a skirt                 shorts                  a hat                     trainers                 a shirt            a T-shirt

          shoes                  gloves                   a blouse                 a jumper         a woolen hat            a cap                 a coat

     a dress            trousers            jeans                  socks                     boots                   a scarf                   glasses

2. Look at the pictures and answer.

What col
our is the dress?           What colour is the T-shirt?      What colour is the blouse?        What colour is the hat?
The dress in pink and purple.                                         

What colour is the jumper?         What colour is the cap?           What colour is the jacket?         What colour is the shirt?

What colour are the gloves?       What colour are the boots?     What colour are the shorts?      What colour are the jeans?

3. Match the pictures to the correct descriptions. Write their names under the pictures.


Grace is wearing a purple skirt               Henry is wearing a white and purple              Jenny is wearing a brown jacket,
and a pink blouse with black                   T-shirt with number three on it, blue               brown trousers and a brown hat.
buttons. She is also wearing                   trousers and white trainers. He likes              She is also wearing brown boots
black shoes and a blue scarf.                 playing basketball.                                          and glasses. She is a pilot.

Alice is wearing a blue shirt with             Mark is wearing a red T-shirt, blue                 George is wearing a red T-shirt,
a red flower on it, an orange skirt           jeans and light blue trainers. On his               blue jeans and white socks. He is

and orange shoes. She has got             head he is wearing a brown hat.                     also wearing red and white trainers.
long hair and big eyes.                           Mark is eating a sausage.                               George is happy today.

4. Answer the questions using           Yes, she is./No, she isn't.           Yes, he is./No, he isn't.

Is Alice wearing a green shirt?  
               Is Mark wearing blue jeans?                          Is Jenny wearing a yellow dress?
No, she isn't.                                                                                                 

Is Grace wearing a pink blouse?             Is Henry wearing a red jumper?                     Is George wearing a blue jacket?

Is Jenny wearing glasses?                      Is Grace wearing a purple scarf?                   Is Henry wearing white trainers?

Is Mark wearing brown gloves?               Is Alice wearing an orange skirt?                   Is George wearing a red T-shirt?

5. Look at the picture and complete the text. Answer.

    book - got - T-shirt - skirt - white - hair - Tom - black - trainers - nose - wearing
   Tom and Annie are at school. is wearing a yellow , grey shorts and
   socks. His are red and white. Tom has got short brown and
   big eyes. He is reading a about animals.

   Annie is an orange T-shirt, a grey and white and yellow socks.
    She is also wearing shoes. Annie has fair curly hair and a small
    . She is cutting out a picture.

Who is wearing a grey skirt?       What is Tom doing?          What colour are Annie's shoes?     Where are Tom and Annie?

Who is wearing grey shorts?       What is Annie doing?        What colour is Tom's T-shirt?         Who has got brown hair?