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Defining and Non-defining relative clauses

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1. Write the correct relative pronoun to join the sentences. Do not use "that":

a) That's the house
we used to live. We moved to a bigger one last year.
b) The child sister is in hospital looks very sad.
c) Sam, parents are in Italy at the moment, is living with his grandparents.
d) Our teacher, doesn't speak French, would like to live in Paris for a while.
e) Those are the children broke the expensive Italian vase at the museum.
f) These are the trousers I told you about.

2. Complete with the correct relative clause:

when we first met - whose lessons I enjoy the most - who won the prize was very happy - who is sitting next to Martha? - who is 87, is a very active person - I was talking about.

a) These are the children
b) My grandmother,
c) Sonia is the teacher
d) The little boy
e) Who is the boy
f) 1990 is the year

3. Join the sentences with a relative. Omit the relative where possible. Do not use "that":


a) This is the book. I recommended it.
b) David is travelling to France next week. He works as a salesman.
c) These are the vegetables. Alex grows them in his orchard.
d) Margaret is very happy. Her son has found a good job.
e) March is the month. We met then.
f) Paris is the city. I would like to come back there one day.
g) Lewis isn't afraid of speaking in public. He is a magician in his free time.