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1. Football is played on a .........

A. field or pitch

B. court

C. track

2. The footballer kicked the ball into the......

A. net

B. basket

C. goal

3. We played tennis in the new........

A. rink

B. court

C. course

4. Every morning she swimms ten ........ of the pool.

A. lengths

B. courses

C. laps

5.They went to play at the golf......

A. court

B. track

C. course

6.The Olympics are ....... every four years.

A. held

B. made

C. taken

7.She lost the match because a string broke in her .....

A. club

B. racket

C. stick

8.Some athletes are ..... because of drug testing.

A. lost
B. disqualified
C. reserved