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    1.     I always rest  weekend.

2.    He is neither tall  short.

3.    They  not come late last week.

4.    I watching an interesting program now.

5.    Many tests  written every lesson.

6.    I  come at 4 o’clock tomorrow.

7.    He is  intelligent than his brother.

8.    I am both happy  surprised.

9.    We have visited him three times  far.

10. He  already come home.

11.  It happened  the morning.

12. He is  happy nor sad.

13. This is  most interesting story of all.

14. I  not like bad weather.

15. They often go  foot.

16. They live  12 Druvas Street.

17. We  just finished the work.

18. The potatoes  boiled yesterday.

19. This paper is  white as that paper.

20.They are  clever and diligent.

21. Look! The dog  running after the cat.

22.I have three books. Give me that thick  please.

23. I met him  year.

24. you live in Salacgriva?

25.This is  funniest joke you have told me.