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The future: will, be going to, present simple, present continuous

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Future Simple Tense (will / won´t)
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Will and Be Going To
1. Complete the sentences with the verbs below. Use will or to be going to.

not buy / take / be / raise / win / not travel / see / like / spend / be / go / work / earn / get / save / love / buy / not be

1. I'm sure your dad his Christmas present.

2. I think I in Cartagena when I finish school.

3. Peter  a new appartment with the money he won.

4. Rose with her parents because she has to study.

5. We a film at the new cinema tonight.

6. I think the new TV programme really successful.

7. I think I  rich in the future.

8. We have decided that we next Christmas with my grandparents.

9. I don't think your parents your new boyfriend.

10. The Maths teacher  to school tomorrow because he is ill.

11. "My plane leaves at 7 but I don't know how to get to the airport".
      "Don't worry, I you there"

12. We don't want to spend more money on clothes. We it for the summer holidays.

13. My friends and I tonight for the English exam.

14. Do you think they enough money for charity?

15. We are late. I'm sure the teacher very angry.

16. I've decided that we the house because it is too expensive.

17. The film is great. I think it many prizes.

18. He has got a job as accountant but I don't think she much money.

Will, Present Simple and Present Continuous
2. Choose the best option.

1. I hope you  to phone me when you get there.

2. We  to the shopping centre to buy some shoes.
3. The new programme  after the news.
4. I  the doctor at five.
5. The plane  at seven in the morning.
6. My friends and I  at the restaurant to have lunch.
7. My parents think we  at home in the future.
8. It's a funny film. I'm sure you  it.
9. We  to Paris on Sunday.
10. The boat  until nine o'clock.