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1.      song you are listening to is too loud.

2.    I really need  new bag.  bag I am using now is too small.

3.     cinema is  place where  people can watch  movie or  cartoon.

4.    Have you already watched  movie on  DVD I gave to you?

5.     time is  money.

6.     money is important for  every person.

7.    We breathe in  oxygen and breathe out  carbon dioxide.

8.    Where is  money I left on  table?

9.      fairy tale usually helps  little children to get to sleep.

10.  ice-cream is cold.

11.  Do you like weather today? Yes, it’s O.K., but I don’t like  wind.

12.  sun is hot today. I think I need to go for  swim.

13. Do you have  mobile phone? Yes. It is  one you gave me.

14. Be so kind and open  door for me, won’t you?

15. I think that  desk should be placed at  window in  any room.

16. If you had  pet, you would have someone to take care of.

17.  crocodile is  animal that has  sharp teeth.

18.  cars are more comfortable than  busses are.

19.  coffee in  cup is too hot to drink.

20 electricity promotes  development.

21.  air is necessary for all  people and  animals.

22.  book you asked for is on windowsill.

23.Beware of  dogs.

24.There is  man standing at  car of your sister.

25 joy is what we want in  our lives.

26. Take  clean glass from  shelf in  kitchen.

27.Have you ever broken  glass?

28.I can’t see through. You should clean  glass of  window.

29 glass is  transparent material.

30 glass is fragile.

31. I have  poor eyesight. I need to wear  glasses.

32.Last month I lost  glasses you had given me as  present.

33 parents love  their children.

34 children often disobey.

35.  children look tired.

36 love is  feeling that can either elate or depress.