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When the earth shakes

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������������������ When the earth shakes�

Think.�Why do earthquakes occur? Ermm

Complete the text. Use these words:eggshell/ waves/ raises/ plates /fills up/ core/ heat / faults / occur

They usually� along the boundaries of the thin �that cover the earth like an . Driven by the deep within the earth�s �the plates grind against each other along lines called . When the plates motion is blocked stress . Finally the fault gives way. The realeased energy to the earth in the form of seismic

Listening for gist.�

How many parts can we see in this documentary?. Put them in order.

The number of earthquakes each year on earth
Why and where earthquakes do occur.�
An example of an earthquake: San Francisco�
What is being done for future�
One more example�
How scientists work�

B)��Listening for specific information. Choose the correct answer

When did the San Francisco earthquake happen?

What is the name of the device where the sismic waves are recorded?

How many earthquakes are recorded every year?�

How many people die every year because of earthquakes?

How much did the Alaska earthquake measure on the Ritcher scale?

C)��Watch the last part of the video and complete the gaps.

�� There�s no stop in the of the earth from changing and moving, so engineers are ways to create better buildings,highways and bridges that will remain safe and stay in onenext time the earth begins to