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Modals referring to the past

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Modals referring to the past

had to / was able to + do

should / could / needn't + have done

I. Use an appropriate modal and a verb from the brackets to fill in the gaps.

1. You (help) him. (You helped him, but he didn't need help.)

2. We threw water onto the fire. We   (put it out).

3. Although she had enough money she didn't get the ticket. She (get) one.

4. Despite being allowed to wear jeans, they wore smart clothes. They  (wear) smart clothes.

5. He got caught red-handed while playing chess and was disqualified. He (cheat).

6. He found a wallet in the street and kept it. Now he feels the pricks of conscience. He (take) it to the police.

7. I  (take) an umbrella because it didn't rain.

8. I shared my chocolate bar although I  (eat) it all by myself.

9. I (not take) the plate out of the oven because I've burnt my hand.

10. I (get) to school early so I ran.

11. I (finish) my project on time because my sister helped me.

12. I told my friend a secret but I (trust) her.

13. We had a wonderful time at the aquarium. In fact, we (not have) a nicer time.

14. ( she get) to the phone and call an ambulance after she had fallen off a ladder?

15. She (keep) all the magazines to her sister because her sister didn't want them.