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Modals referring to the past

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Modals referring to the past

had to / was able to + do

should / could / needn't + have done

I. Use an appropriate modal and a verb from the brackets to fill in the gaps.

1. You (help) him. (You helped him, but he didn't need help.)

2. We threw water onto the fire. We�� (put it out).

3. Although she had enough money she didn't get the ticket. She (get) one.

4. Despite being allowed to wear jeans, they wore smart clothes. They� (wear) smart clothes.

5. He got caught red-handed while playing chess and was disqualified. He (cheat).

6. He found a wallet in the street and kept it. Now he feels the pricks of conscience. He (take) it to the police.

7. I� (take) an umbrella because it didn't rain.

8. I shared my chocolate bar although I� (eat) it all by myself.

9. I (not take) the plate out of the oven because I've burnt my hand.

10. I (get) to school early so I ran.

11. I (finish) my project on time because my sister helped me.

12. I told my friend a secret but I (trust) her.

13. We had a wonderful time at the aquarium. In fact, we (not have) a nicer time.

14. ( she get) to the phone and call an ambulance after she had fallen off a ladder?

15. She (keep) all the magazines to her sister because her sister didn't want them.